Wholesale Car Fabrics in Australia

As one of the top suppliers of wholesale textiles in Australia, Kennard & Kennard has a wide range of material collections. Our extensive collection of car print fabrics are perfect for enthusiastic motor heads, offering many different colours, styles and prints. Whether you’re thinking of quilting a gift using this fabric or simply want to add it to your collection for use at a later date, these unique products are great for a wide range of crafting hobbies.

Prints that you won’t find elsewhere

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer unique, novelty prints that are hard to come by. Our range of Ford fabrics depict a number of different models and colours, from single car photographs to collages and old-school style carriages. As a niche interest, these car print fabrics can be hard to find elsewhere in Australia, however they are available for wholesale purchase, which you can enquire about on our website.

Quality you can count on

As an experienced fabric company that has been around for over 60 years, we understand that quality is imperative when it comes to creating a relishable and memorable experience with our fabrics. When you buy fabric from Kennard & Kennard, whether its patchwork items, quilting fabrics or our premium collection of wide quilt backings, you have the peace of mind knowing that our quality of materials and design is unmatched anywhere else.

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale orders of our car print fabric or want to find a stockist here in Australia, browse our online store today.

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